What makes you come alive? For me, it’s adventures with people that I love. Those moments where just being together is enough; where we’re comfortable enough with ourselves and each other to feel safe, yet just uncertain enough about what lies ahead to keep things exciting.


I love nothing more than capturing those pure moments of people coming alive through my photography. I believe in capturing the essence of a family and the diverse personalities that make it what it is; a unique, beautifully imperfect, living and breathing organism that changes and develops with each passing day.


One key element of my photo sessions is random dance parties. Pictures come alive when the people in them feel alive, and dance parties are just one part of my method to get families from awkwardfamilyphotos.com to some seriously Pinterest-worthy shots.


Photo sessions with me are an experience. They are an adventure. Let me come explore with your family, in an environment of your choice, and I will capture meaningful moments for you that show you and the ones you love most truly living.


Family Portraits

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Elopements and Small Weddings

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Blogger Services

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